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How secure is your home?

Burglar attempting break in

While burglary rates have decreased slightly across the UK in the last few years, there were 25 cases of burglary in the Outer West Gateshead area (including Blaydon, Winlaton, Ryton, Crawcrook and Greenside) reported in February of this year. That's 25 reported cases in February ALONE.

Most burglaries are crimes of opportunity, someone looking for an easy target, an open window or an unlocked door are obvious entry points into yours and your family's home.

Anyone who has been burgled will know that the impact of the crime runs far beyond the loss of belongings. The financial impact of burglary can be significant for many people, but the emotional stress that comes from being burgled often lasts much much longer.

What can you do to secure your home?

Here at Blaydon Locksmith Services we believe that prevention is better than cure.

To minimise your chances of being burgled, there are several things that you can do in order to deter or otherwise prevent a thief from making their way into your home;

- Have well fitted doors and windows installed,

- Make sure that whenever you leave your property, you have locked all windows and doors,

- Have a visible alarm installed,

- Keep fences in good condition,

- Keep gates locked,

- Keep hedges trimmed to improve visibilty,

- Whenever you are away from home for an extended period, use timers for electrical appliances to give the impression of someone being in, use a service such as Royal Mail's Keepsafe to prevent mail piling up on your doorstep, ask a neighbour to park on your driveway, make sure to have milk deliveries, etc, postponed until you return.

How can Blaydon Locksmith Services help?

We offer a full locksmith service, can assess your homes security and provide you with advice and recommendations on how to improve it.

- We can keep your doors and windows working well, with UPVC door servicing starting at just £29.99.

- Replace ill fitting or worn out locks, with British Standard approved Euro locks installed from as little as £24.99.

- We can also service or replace door handles, gearboxes, rim cylinder locks and mortise locks.

Get in touch with us at any time to arrange a visit on 07811457807, via the contact us page or through Facebook.

One last thing...

Blaydon Locksmith Services supplies and fits British Standard approved locks, but did you know that your home insurance may be invalid should the worst happen, if the locks fitted to your outside doors don't meet the criteria assigned to BS3621.

Check that your locks are suitable for your needs, call us on 07811457807 or message us at www.blaydonlocksmiths.co.uk to arrange a visit.

Stay secure,

- Ray

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