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Staying secure

Security in general falls in to 3 categories; Digital, Physical, and Social, with a little crossover between them every now and then.

DIgital Security

Digital security refers to anything that is just electronic, be it your email password or even your phone screen lock code, anything that prevents others from getting access to your info.

Staying secure online can be difficult thanks to phishing scams and dodgy dealers everywhere...

But there are ways to protect yourself by following a few simple rules.

- Only use secure sites when handing out your details. See that padlock symbol way up in the address field? That tells you that any info sent to this website is encrypted, and isn't just floating about on the web for anyone to take a peek at. Look for that symbol any time you are giving out info, such as your address, or any time you are paying for something.

- Make sure that you keep passwords for each site different, and difficult to guess.

- Keep a good antivirus program running on your computer AND your phone.

- Don't open up any suspect emails.

- Where possible use two factor authorisation, i.e your email and password, along with a second password/pattern/memorable info to gain access.

Think that'll do for now, I'll be back later with a post on Social and Physical security!

Stay secure,

- Ray