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Staying secure Part 2

Following on from our previous blog, I just want to touch on the other 2 aspects of security, the Social aspects and the Physical.

Social Security

No, not that social security... We're talking about people here, receptionists, door staff, that sort of thing.

Social is often considered the weakest of the 3 main aspects as people are, in general, quite easily to con, fool or otherwise manipulate.

Consider this; the last time you had a professional at the door, be it a gas worker, electrician or any time you've let someone into your home, did you check their ID? And if you did, did you really check it, the logo, the holograms, dates, phone numbers and website info, company info, even spellings, etc? Probably not. Even I'm not usually that thorough when checking ID, and I usually end up mentally kicking myself for not doing so.

Next time you are at work, or visiting an area that requires a pass of some sort, see how well it is checked, are they actually looking at it, or is the fact that you were willing to show them it while looking like you belong there good enough for them to let you through?

Looking like you belong somewhere is half the battle, it's called social engineering (a fascinating subject, way too big for this blog) and convincing someone you should be somewhere using a few tricks is a common tactic to gaining access to the most secure places.

Last few words on this topic, just to give you something to think about, try and stay vigilant, make sure you thoroughly check the ID of anyone you allow into your home, or indeed anyone that you may be giving sensitive information to, but also watch how your ID is checked, see if they are being as thorough as they should be.

Whew, this went on a bit more than I figured it would, I'll drop part 3 soon, talking about Physical security and a few words on the crossover between the different aspects.

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Thanks for reading, and stay secure.

- Ray