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Staying secure Part 3

Finally...The last part!

Physical Security

Physical security is usually the first things that pop to mind when considering securing yourself or your possessions; locks, safes, doors, walls, etc.

It is also usually the last line of defence, and therefore often overlooked a little. It's easy to take for granted the door that keeps you and your belongings safe on the front of your house, assuming that it will be enough, but if that door is poorly fitted and/or maintained, it may not be doing its job as well as it should be. A poorly hung door that doesn't quite fit in its doorway well makes it a lot easier to slip any catches, latches and bolts, it will probably be a lot easier to force open too.

The same goes for an old, under-maintained lock, or handle or even your windows.

Fortunately, physical security is also the easiest to assess and then remedy.

There are many things that you can do to keep your home, and by extension, you and everything in it, at it's securest;

- Keep all doors maintained, making sure that they are will fitting, and lock up securely.

- Keep windows well maintained, again, making sure they are will fitted and close up tight.

- Same goes for locks, handles and the like, if in doubt, call a locksmith!

- Always, **ALWAYS**, close and lock all windows and doors to your home, even if you are 'Just popping out'

- Keep bushes trimmed, keep visibilty on your property to a maximum.

- Consider getting a sensor triggered lighting system for your garden if viable.

- Living in a high risk area? Consider extra steps, such as CCTV.

- Avoid having keys hanging anywhere near a door or on display near windows.

- If you are going away on holiday, ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your property, perhaps popping in every now and then to make the place look occupied, opening and closing curtains etc. Get lights and and other electronics on a timer to keep the place looking occupied.

I hope that this little blog series has at least got some of you thinking more about your security!

As your local locksmith, Blaydon Locksmith Services can provide you with any advice, services and many products to keep your home or business as secure as it should be, any time of day, any day you need us.

Some of the services we provide:

- Security assessments; give us a call, we'll take a look at your doors, windows, locks and the exterior of your property, offering advice for improving any weak areas, and upgrading any items that need to replaced, at the best prices.

- Door servicing; if its not closing right, difficult to lock or just isn't opening or closing at all, we can get it working right for you, from as little as £29.99.

- Lock replacements start from just £19.99

- Package deals can be made to fit whatever you need, door servicing, lock and door handle replacements etc, can be bundled together at a discount to revamp tired old doors.

And ANY other locksmithing work you need! Call us now on 07811457807, find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/blaydonlocksmiths or drop us a message via the website, www.blaydonlocksmiths.co.uk

For a fast, friendly and efficient service, BLS is YOUR local locksmith!

Stay secure,

- Ray